Modern Day Spotlight »

Explosion Testimony

I just want to take a few minutes to share with you something that happened this past weekend at EXPLOSION our monthly youth... Read More »

Bible Project 2014- Prague, Czech Republic

At the end of last year, God put it on Bible distribution on our hearts. Our international church, Prague Christian Fellowship has been... Read More »

Zach Lowrie January Update

In 1981 I was born into a membership of one of the greatest worshipping churches the world will ever know. Pastor Olen Griffing... Read More »

Helping Hands -Ed Brye

Just a week after the year’s heaviest rainy season, the rain forest revived with lush greenness that glistened under the sun. Early November... Read More »

The Hiding and the Hidden -By Bonnie Wilks

It’s mid-afternoon, and I am resting on the sofa in my bedroom. I am hiding really. We have a reception this evening at... Read More »

Danny and Stephanie Gutierrez January Update

2014 Starts With a Bang! There is so much to share that it is hard to know where to begin. This new year... Read More »

Field Worker Updates »

Hrabal Ministry Update March 2014

Special things are happening in this Muslim country where we have ministered in these past 10 years. A local Fkeeh, Muslim religious leader,... Read More »

Black Robe Tour

In the history of our nation there have been significant moments that shifted our nation, moments that brought us together in unity, birthed... Read More »

Lemmon Family Ministry Update March 2014

The Lemmons are focused on the prize. We are gearing up for Jonathan’s big finish at the Northeast Ministry School. The final semester... Read More »

Corey Pigg Ministry Update March 2014

This is one of the main reasons I came to Germany. I am working with Pick A Pocket, which is an arts based... Read More »

Ronald and Nancy Lane Santillan January Update

God has been really expanding our ministry here in Peru lately. Our ministry (called “Oikos,” which a Greek word meaning “extended family”)  is becoming... Read More »

Bill Leckie Ministries January Update

Debra and I closed out 2013 with a few weeks of celebrating the holidays and reflecting on all that we have to be... Read More »

News From Around The World »

Thank God I’m Not Persecuted!

Thanks to the democratic society we live in, we are free to follow our religious convictions openly and without fear of “real” persecution....Read More »

YWAM Woodcrest Seminar Teaches Social-Media-As-Ministry

By Raymond Billy Social media entrepreneur Thomas Umstattd told an audience of Christian ministry workers on Friday that they could endear their organizations...Read More »

To Be or Not To Be?

Katelyn's 5th Birthday We want to praise God and thank you for helping us be able to go to Australia.  We didn’t realize...Read More »

a casual conversation

A casual conversation Hey before you dive in I would suggest grabbing a cup of coffee and some biscuits as this story does...Read More »

First Day of School

Yesterday our kids started a new school year. It was fun to have Nana, Julia and Christine here for the always special first...Read More »

Thank You

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry here in West Africa.  You are appreciated!  You are important!  You are significant!  You don’t...Read More »

You make me feel

Last night we launched our campaign. I woke up many times in the night, mind spinning with thoughts, excitement, wonder. As I get...Read More »

Billy Graham Says His Heart Aches for ‘Deceived’ America

Read this the way it was written at TheBellSite .com Just read a good article about Billy Graham. ” . . . recalling...Read More »

Ruse Family News

Ellaina graduated from 3rd grade and was commended for her hard work and great attitude! She got an A in Science—her favorite subject! ...Read More »

The Most Difficult Job in the World

The Olympics start tonight, and I saw this video today about moms all over the world. Watch it. It will inspire you. As...Read More »

Today we made….

….this! It was fun and came out so cool!!Read More »

This past week’s Tweets…

Vitamins? Supplements? Tea? Free shipping to Mexico (and who knows where else) until July 31 + $5 off with coupon RIL032… # E.N…C.A.S.A....Read More »

Likita Tsoho

Last night, I spoke to a chapel full of hearing aids and walkers . . . I may have been the only one...Read More »